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Nozuko Soka

Nozuko Soka

Candidate Attorney

BCom Law Pearson Institute of Higher Education

LL.B University the Witwatersrand

Nozuko obtained her B Com Law Degree from the Pearson Institute of Higher Education in 2016 and obtain her Bachelor of Laws from University the Witwatersrand in 2018. Nozuko joined Thomson Wilks as a Candidate Attorney in January 2019.

During the academic year 2018, Nozuko served as a Student Counsellor at the Wits Law Clinic and had an opportunity to be part of the mentorship programme offered by the South African Chapter of International Association of Women Judges (SAC-IAWJ).

Through the study of Commerce and Law; practice of law at the Wits Law Clinic; and being part of the SAC-IAWJ mentorship programme, Nozuko has acquired a number of essential skills including: critical analysis of information, opinion formulation and presentation thereof in a cogent manner, adapting her approach to suit the intended audience.

Nozuko believes that law regulates all professions, and that practicing it affords her the freedom to develop interest in almost any knowledge system and allows her to express her passion of serving others through the legal practice.



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